Sweet Potato Pie Bars

With all the flavor of that classic southern pie, these Maple Sweet Potato Pie Bars are made easy and with good-for-you ingredients.

– Sweet Potatoes – Old-Fashioned Oats – Pecans – Maple Syrup – Unsalted Butter – Dark Brown Sugar – Warm Spices – Heavy Cream + Milk – Eggs – Vanilla


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Step 1

Mix together oat crust. Add half to an 8" pan, and set aside the remaining for the topping. Parbake it.

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Step 2

Prepare the sweet potato filling in a food processor. This recipe calls for roasted sweet potatoes.

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Step 3

Add the filling to the parbaked crust, sprinkle the remaining topping and bake!

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Step 4

Let chill before slicing and serving.

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Step 5

Top with homemade whipped cream, and enjoy!

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Find the full recipe linked below!

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