Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract is hands down way better quality and far more cost efficient than anything you can buy at the store. Easily made with just two ingredients--vanilla beans and alcohol--it is worth making at home.


– whole vanilla beans – alcohol

Infuse Time: 3-12 months


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– a pairing knife – jars

Step 1

To begin a batch of extract, use a ratio of 1 ounce of beans to 1 cup (8 ounces) of alcohol.

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Step 2

Cut off the ends of the beans and set aside. Then, carefully run a knife down the center, exposing the vanilla caviar inside of it. Alternatively you can chop the vanilla bean in to ½” pieces.

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Step 3

Place both the cut ends and the split bean inside of an 8 ounce jar.

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Step 4

Pour the alcohol in the jar to cover the bean completely. Cover the jar and store in a cool and dark place for at least 6 weeks, but better to wait for 6-12 months to use the extract as it will be stronger.

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The recipe and post has a lot more information about the process and how to keep an endless supply of extract.

Find the full recipe linked below!

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