5 Baking Tips for Perfect Pies

Want to bake pies like a professional? Read on to get five baking tips to ensure your pies are as delicious and as perfect as possible.

This is such a common suggestion, but it needs to be reiterated: read the recipe twice through and make sure you understand it properly before beginning.

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Read the Recipe, Twice

When making butter pie dough, melted butter is the enemy so move quickly. But the dough needs rest to give time for the flour to fully hydrate and to give the gluten a chance to relax. So make sure to chill it for a time period.

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Make the Pastry Quickly and Let it Rest Slowly

Contrary to popular belief in regards to rolling out dough, I err on the side of caution and would rather be using too much than too little. You can always brush off the excess. 

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Use Enough Flour When Rolling

There is one main rule to remember when it comes to baking all-butter pie dough: the very cold dough should be put in a very hot oven.

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Cold Dough + Hot Oven

There are many pie crust options, and flaky buttery crust isn't always the right one. Flaky pie dough is not ideal for any pie that is to be served cold, like a cream pie.

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Pick the Right Crust for the Right Pie

Want to know more in-depth tips? Please be sure to check out the full article for more details and five additional tips from a professionally trained cook!

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